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Jokers don't make plans; fools don't adjust them

These nootropics have me firing on all cylinders, for sure.

I'm writing 3.5 hours a day, which is the most I've ever done. This translates to an average of about 4,100 words per day, which is over 17 pages of writing a day. The most I've ever done before is 2,000.

What does this mean to any of you? Not much, I'm just OCD and legit track all of this shit on an excel spread sheet. Look:

There's more above and to the side, but you get the point--I take this pretty seriously. Anyways, with this increased productivity I think I should be able to finish a book every two months. If you add in two weeks for me to review others edits, I should have a book out ever 2.5 months. There will be some lag at the beginning, but that's due to administrative stuff, but as long as I'm writing that much each day, the books will start rolling out at a regular pace. That's the plan.

A lot of people have been asking for a sequel to The Devil's Dream


When I finished the book, to me it was done. Then, the other day when I was in the gym, shaping these already bulging biceps, the sequel came to me. Maybe two more books. Rest assured, Matthew Brand is going to be more fucked up than you could imagine.

First though, I'm writing something unlike anything I've ever attempted before. It's a love story. It's horror. It's science fiction. I think, primarily, it's a love story though--and I'm not sure if anyone is going to like it. It'll be out by Mid may. It's called Against the Dark, and it's at least two books. That's a pretty good way to sell it right there--don't know if anyone will like it. I like it though. It's driving me crazy to see the way it will end.

Lastly, I'm going to write a serial novel. This will be available everywhere, just like the rest of my novels, but the difference here is--I'm not telling anyone. The only advertising or push this gets  is to the people on my mailing list. So if you're not checking my author page daily, or looking to see new releases when I'm not pushing them, you're not going to know about it--unless you're on the mailing list. I'm extremely excited about this serial novel (20-30 pages of a novel, broken out over a period of time). I've got a good idea of the overlying plot, and again, it's not like anything I've ever written. Sign up for the mailing list.

So, my plans--which I will adjust if necessary, because your favorite author is no fool, dearies--are to do the following. 1) Release Against the Dark, Book 1. 2) Release Chapter 1 of the serial novel (untitled as of yet) 3) Release The Devil's Dream, Part 2, 4) Chapter 2 serial novel 5) Against the Dark, Book 2, 6) Chapter 3 of serial novel, 7) Possible The Devil's Dream, Part 3 (depends on if part 2 can finish it).

That's a lot. A hell of a lot. My goal, and this is a stretch goal, no doubt, is to get through step 5. You'll hear about all the novel releases, but not about the serial novel (which I may be most excited about, honestly), so join the mailing list if you haven't. Also, the February novel was signed and sent out from someone off my mailing list, waiting to see if they received it. March will be going out soon.

My boy Morpheus told me a long time ago, there's a difference between knowing the path and walking it. I'm getting that now.