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Nemesis: Book Three

NemesisIII (2).jpg
NemesisIII (2).jpg

Nemesis: Book Three


Book Three in the critically acclaimed series! Find out why David Beers is being compared to Stephen King...

The world changed, and it started in Grayson, Georgia.

From the sky, a creature more powerful than anything imagined on Earth arrived, and now, from beneath the ground she brings the rest of her kind.

The government’s first line failed to stop the alien and that brought in perhaps the smartest human to ever live - Kenneth Marks. Except as he assesses the situation, he understands the more for him to gain in this war than the rest of the human race.

Bryan, Michael, and Julie remain caught in the midst of this war, unable to escape and unable to stop it.

Morena’s time has nearly arrived and Earth will never be the same...

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