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Nemesis: Book Two


Nemesis: Book Two


She arrived, and now she wants to stay…

Book Two in the heralded science fiction series

The United States Government understands the threat, even if no one else on Earth does. Mercenaries, paid to stay off the books and eradicate whatever is placed in front of them, descend on the small town of Grayson, Georgia. With Will at the helm, they know only one purpose: find the alien, and anyone it inhabits, then kill it. No matter the costs.

Morena lives inside Byran and Thera, using both of them for her singular purpose: to bring her species back from the dead. Her children grow beneath the Earth’s surface, waiting on her to come forth, to bring back her original body, so that they can begin populating the world.

Four teenagers and their families are caught between these two opposing forces, only trying to make it out alive. Michael and Julie remain kidnapped by the same government trying to protect Earth, used for information, and certain to meet death once they give up what they know.

As Morena moves closer to her kind’s birth, and the mercenaries clamp down on the town, the only question that matters becomes: will anyone survive?

If you like Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Greg Isle, you’ll love this riveting tale of danger.

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