David Beers

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The Singularity: Emissaries (Book 3)


The Singularity: Emissaries (Book 3)


Book Three in The Singularity Series!

The world never looked so grim...

Manny’s insanity brought Caesar to his knees, though even that didn’t satisfy The Genesis. It wants more. It wants all of The Named.

Recruiting new, deadly applications, The Genesis begins remaking the world yet again--creating a planet without controls, without order.

The Named flees for their lives and Caesar’s indomitable will cannot match The Genesis’ treacherous plans. All of his power, all of his strength, seemingly cannot stop The Genesis and its quest for domination.

With Caesar’s revolution collapsing around him, can he figure out what is happening fast enough to save those he loves? Can he fight back against the most destructive force mankind ever created, or is all lost?

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