David Beers

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The Singularity: Traitor (Book 2)


The Singularity: Traitor (Book 2)


Book Two in The Singularity Series!

There are consequences for everything...

Caesar Wells takes the mantle of The Named’s leader, and after six months of intense preparation, begins his assault on The Genesis, intent on destroying the artificial intelligence that enslaves humanity.

Others around Caesar have intentions as well, though. Those inside The Named that don’t trust Caesar. Those inside The Named that would rather him die than lead. Caesar, focused only on his end goal, can’t see the signs of rising insurrection all around him.

The Genesis possesses its own plan--one that will lead Caesar directly to it, in a confrontation that Caesar can’t possibly prepare for.

As Caesar readies for battle, dark storm clouds of unseen forces are mixing together, all of them ready to destroy the one man dedicated to giving humanity back its freedom.

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