David Beers

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Red Rain

John Hilt has everything. There's just one problem. He can't stop killing. 


Red Rain: Clouds Gathering

John Hilt lives The American Dream. His corner office looks out on Dallas’s beautiful skyline. His amazing wife and children love him. His father and sister adore him. John has it all. 

Except every few years, when Harry shows back up. Harry wants John to kill people. Harry wants to watch the world burn. 

Murderous thoughts take hold of John, and as flames ignite across his life, the sky doesn’t send cool rain water, but blood to feed their hunger. 

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Red Rain: Lightning Strikes

John Hilt’s problem is growing; he can’t stop killing. His dead friend, Harry, absolutely loves it. 

John, lost in his murderous obsession, doesn’t see the world collapsing around him. Police officers Alan Tremock and Susan Merchent think they found their man and will do anything to take him down. They're connecting the dots, and realizing wherever John Hilt goes, people die. 

Only one issue, though: Harry wants John to kill them, too. 

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What would you do if the world burned around you while the sky rained down gasoline? 

John Hilt fled to Mexico, hoping to escape the police investigation centering only on him. If he could get away for a while, perhaps Detectives Tremock and Merchent would look elsewhere. Perhaps the cops’ heat on him would dissipate. 

Perhaps … except Harry fled with him, and Harry isn’t nearly done killing. 

For Tremock and Merchent, it’s a race against time to find John Hilt before more people die. For John’s family, it’s a race against the police to find him first. 

For John, the race is almost over, one or way or another. The rains have come, and they’ll wash away everything, leaving only blood in their wake. 

The heart-stopping conclusion to the psychological thriller series, Red Rain!