David Beers

Like thought provoking thrillers? You're in the right place.

Perhaps the smartest man to ever live, Matthew Brand changed the world by twenty-five years old. In his mid-thirties, he still shaped the world as he wanted, until a few cops gunned down his son on the street. 

Brand’s life changed then. He forgot about bettering Earth and started trying to resurrect his son. 

Eventually, Brand’s mind even overpowered death’s mysteries; he discovered how to bring back the dead--he only needed living bodies to make his son’s life possible again. Why not use the bodies of those who killed his son? 

In the largest manhunt the FBI’s ever experienced, how do they stop a man who can calculate all the odds and stack them in his favor? 

What happens when the smartest man in the world decides that the world no longer needs to exist?

Matthew Brand just refuses to die.

Four years after Brand's reign of terror, Allison Moore and her daughter end up missing. The FBI thinks Brand may have escaped The Wall a second time, now using someone else's body--a person imprisoned years ago for rape.

Death sounds good to Brand this time, but not only his own. If he must die, then the world will come too. Masterminding an apocalypse that no one can hope to survive, he makes his intentions clear to the FBI and the world.

Years ago, Brand took the United States on a ride full of blood and misery. Now, his son's resurrection won't suffice. He wants the world to burn and, just like last time, the odds are all calculated and in his favor. Can the FBI find him and kill him before he plunges the world into darkness?

Matthew Brand holds the world in his hand, ready to crush it.

The FBI created a plan, a risky one that could slow Brand down, could stop him. Or, if it fails, the plan could just add more bodies to the rising count.

Brand's own demons also have a plan: break him. Both his mind and body. Bring him to the ground so that Arthur Morgant, the infamous rapist, returns.

For Matthew Brand and the world, the hour glass holds very little sand left. Time has run out.

The Devil once dreamed a dream; how will it end?