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Not Meditating? You're Wasting Your Life

Those that are close to me know that I'm kind of an all or nothing type person. Angry with the government? I'm not going to vote for the lesser of two evils; I'll just never vote again. Want to be  healthy? Forget good carbs vs bad carbs, just sacrifice them all. Want to write novels while still having a career? Just work fourteen hour days, every day.

I've taken this obsessiveness and found a new outlet. I'm having a real tough time not telling everyone I know about it. I basically prosthelytize for it on a daily basis. 


I've been high strung since a child. I can remember riding the bus at like nine and detailing out my entire day from morning until night. I told one of my friends about it and he looked at me like I was insane--I could tell, even then, that he thought I would surely end up in a really tight jacket in a really white and soft room somewhere. That OCD turned into a fairly high level of anxiety as I grew older, until I found myself on like three different type of pills to manage it. 

If I wasn't on these things: I. Freaked. Out. I'm talking, we'll probably have a nuclear holocaust within the next six months, and we might want to go ahead and buy ten billion gallons of water (not that bad, but you get that point).

About a year ago, I started researching meditation some. There was some science coming out saying that it had really powerful benefits, and I'm all about science and benefits. Science with benefits is how I like to term it (get it?). Anyways, I started. Very small. Five minutes a day.

The road to where I am now in my journey was VERY rocky. I plan on talking about meditation more and more on this blog, and I don't want to act like this has been an easy travel. I went through long periods of not doing it, of a longer period of not understanding, and so on and so forth.

However, this week, for the first time since I was about twenty-two years old, I'm getting off my anxiety meds. I've tried this before and the results were horrific--like I begin to feel that Vampires are living in my closet level of anxiety (not really, but you get the point). This time though, I'm more confident in what I'm doing, and it's only due to meditation.

I spend twenty minutes each day trying to focus on my breath, and those twenty minutes have brought a larger return on investment than anything else I've ever done. 

So, I suppose, this post is me singing meditation's praises, because I really want people to understand what it does.

We'll continue to discuss; how to do it, what it does, why you're an idiot if you're not doing it, etc.