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An Afterword

I've started putting afterwords and the end of my books. In the past, I did this at the end of a series, but--I write some long frickin' series, and there's only so much an afterword can say. Thus, I've started putting a page or two at the end of my books describing my thoughts on characters, my writing process, and whatever the hell else comes to my mind. I figured I'd post the last one I did (though I won't anymore--it's a special treat for people that buy the books :) ). 

From Nemesis: Book Five (you can start the series for free here: Amazon):

This has been a tough series to write, if I’m being truthful. No series is easy, but this one … well, fans who’ve followed me for a while know that I write with a tremendous amount of self-doubt, and part of me feels that this story might have been beyond my grasp as an author. You always have this grand idea in your head, and never quite feel like you were able to put it down perfectly. So there’s a bit of insight into my work, I suppose.

A lot of readers write me and tell me they don’t know who to root for, which means I’m succeeding at least in some aspects.

I’m rooting for two characters—Morena and Wren. Morena because what choice does she have? Wren because, at least in some part, is my own father.

Nearing thirty years old, I have very little relationship with him due to alcoholism. I know him, as in, what he looks like and acts like—but that is only to say I know what alcohol has done to a man who was once strong and smart. 

I don’t think I’ll ever know my dad, not truly.

Redemption doesn’t always happen in life, but it can in my mind, and so I root for Wren—because there’s something good in all of us, even if it’s buried deep.

I’ve dedicated these books to my father, though he’ll never read them. I guess in some way, this series is a letter to him, saying how I wish things could be between us—without the alien about to kill us all.

So, one more book left. Let’s find out who wins, shall we?

All the best,

David - 3/28/2016