David Beers

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On Police Violence

I need you to read what I'm about to write with cold dispassion. Use the logical eye in your mind, not the heart's. I know that's going to be hard, but try to hear me out.

The major question I want to ask all those decrying the two newest cop killing's is:

What did you expect?

It's not rhetorical. I'd sincerely like someone to think about it and answer me.

Let me ask a hypothetical:

What would happen, say, if:

1) I put out job posting asking for people who want to help their communities, fight crime, and generally wield a large amount of power. While the first two of those three may be positive things, the last will certainly bring in a lot of candidates which may not have the best intentions.

2) Train the people I hire that the citizens they are to protect must obey them at all times. If citizen does not obey them, escalate violence until either A) citizen obeys, B) citizen is incapacitated, C) citizen is dead.

3) I then create a massive amount of laws to which these new hires have no choice but to follow and enforce.

4) Many of the laws I create are based on personal whim and violate individual sovereignty. (drug laws)

In short, what if I consolidated the right to use force into a group of people, gave them a different color suit and a shiny metal badge? Well, given that there entire job consists of the right to use violence, I imagine violence is going to occur--yet no one talks about this. The entire system is set up for one group of people to use violence on another but it's completely lost in the discussion. Perhaps instead of gun control for regular citizens, we should be talking about gun control for cops.