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The Singularity Rising: first drafts' all done.

Well, The Singularity series is done from a story perspective. There's a lot of editing left to be done, but for me, that's more light weight than heavy lifting. Once the story is told, it's easy to clean it up so that more story remains and less me.

The first book should be out in a week or two. I've been advised to put a forward in the book, as it's been two years since Revolutionary and people forget.

Here it is:

A Brief Introduction

(Possible Spoilers for The Singularity: Revolutionary)

The Singularity Rising is the sequel series to The Singularity. It takes place five hundred years after the end of Revolutionary.

To save readers time from having to reeducate themselves on The Singularity’s world, I’ve created a very brief cheat sheet on many of the terms and people to be discussed in the following pages.

The Genesis is an artificial intelligence created by humanity fifteen hundred years before the start of this book. It once decided that humanity was too corrupt to continue living without genetic modifications, and consequently, purged much of mankind, while at the same time growing its own ‘crops’ of genetically modified humans.

The Genesis reigned over the world with the help of assistants; artificial intelligence entities—often termed applications. These assistants had freewill, but for the most part, they served The Genesis in Its ultimate aim of creating a harmonic world.

Caesar Wells led a group called The Named—dedicated to destroying The Genesis and giving humanity back its freedom.

Grace was Caesar Well’s loyal assistant.

Paige his lover.

Leon his friend.

Manny his enemy.

Jerry his mentor.

At the end of Revolutionary, Caesar is faced with the choice of deciding humanity’s ultimate fate: to live free, or to live under The Genesis’s rule.

The Singularity Rising answers that final question The Genesis asked Caesar.

“What’s it going to be?”