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Taken from my mailing list

This is something I sent to my mailing list subscribers. Maybe it will help you too.


This email will be a little bit different than my usual ones. Probably fairly short, but I just wanted to pass some thoughts along.

I'm a meditator; I try to do it every day, and for me, the results have been amazing. This past weekend was really pretty hectic--I had to hospitalize two people I know, both of them extremely close to me. It was rough when it happened, and then started causing a good bit of angst and anxiety over the next couple of days.

I sat down last night to meditate, and the speaker I was listening to made a point that really resonated with me. He said, we all want to be happy, we all have these desires that we want fulfilled. For me, in the moment, it was to have my friends and family safe. The speaker went on to say, and because of that, because of these desires that are often unfulfilled, being human is tough.

It's a true statement, and we often forget it, or don't acknowledge it. We should, though, and in recognizing life's difficulty, be kind to ourselves. Recognize in ourselves, and others, that we all want to be happy. You are trying your very best every day, and though you don't always succeed, it's important to be kind to yourself. Appreciate yourself. Love yourself. Be proud of who you, what you're doing, and treat your own faults as you would your child's or someone you love deeply.

I'm not sure if this makes as much sense to you, as it does me, but we constantly hear how we need to be kind to others. I think sometimes it's important to hear that it's okay to be kind to yourself as well.

I've never really sent an email like this, but I hope it finds you well. I hope when you read it you take a second to appreciate who you are and what you're doing.

All the best,


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