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Signed Copies

I'm a capitalist shill. Now you can buy signed copies of any of my books. Just click the obviously named button, 'signed copies', fill out the form and throw me a few bones--you'll have a personally signed copy on the way.

A new type of novel

I just finished a non-serial novel.

What's that mean exactly, you ask?

For most of my career, I've written very long novels, often broken up by cliffhangers. This time, and for the first time since The Devil's Dream, I didn't do that.

The title is Fallen Saint. It'll be a series (think something like Jack Reacher, in that each book has an ending). Should be out in January. I won't give too much away about it, except to I had a lot of fun with the two main characters. They got a lot of life left in them--and that's exciting.

Audiobooks galore!

I've been working with some great narrators to get my books in audio form. If you ever see me in public, I'll most likely have headphones in (even if I'm with people, because I'd rather not talk to anyone around me). I'll either be listening to music or a book--it's pretty damn cool to be able to listen to books while you're walking around. I'm certain it's improved my ability as a writer, not to mention made me smarter.

So, here's the first book I finished! Red Rain: Clouds Gathering!

The narrator is Charles Kahlenberg, and he does an absolutely astounding job of capturing the book's Texas feel.

Go grab it now and help Daddy get his yacht!

The Singularity Rising: first drafts' all done.

Well, The Singularity series is done from a story perspective. There's a lot of editing left to be done, but for me, that's more light weight than heavy lifting. Once the story is told, it's easy to clean it up so that more story remains and less me.

The first book should be out in a week or two. I've been advised to put a forward in the book, as it's been two years since Revolutionary and people forget.

Here it is:

A Brief Introduction

(Possible Spoilers for The Singularity: Revolutionary)

The Singularity Rising is the sequel series to The Singularity. It takes place five hundred years after the end of Revolutionary.

To save readers time from having to reeducate themselves on The Singularity’s world, I’ve created a very brief cheat sheet on many of the terms and people to be discussed in the following pages.

The Genesis is an artificial intelligence created by humanity fifteen hundred years before the start of this book. It once decided that humanity was too corrupt to continue living without genetic modifications, and consequently, purged much of mankind, while at the same time growing its own ‘crops’ of genetically modified humans.

The Genesis reigned over the world with the help of assistants; artificial intelligence entities—often termed applications. These assistants had freewill, but for the most part, they served The Genesis in Its ultimate aim of creating a harmonic world.

Caesar Wells led a group called The Named—dedicated to destroying The Genesis and giving humanity back its freedom.

Grace was Caesar Well’s loyal assistant.

Paige his lover.

Leon his friend.

Manny his enemy.

Jerry his mentor.

At the end of Revolutionary, Caesar is faced with the choice of deciding humanity’s ultimate fate: to live free, or to live under The Genesis’s rule.

The Singularity Rising answers that final question The Genesis asked Caesar.

“What’s it going to be?”

Red Rain, Part Three

I know, I know, I just dropped Red Rain: Lightning Strikes, and the month before that, gave you all the glorious Part One, but I can't stop writing, so the next is nearly upon us.

This is the last piece.

An exclamation point to the preceding sentences.

On Police Violence

I need you to read what I'm about to write with cold dispassion. Use the logical eye in your mind, not the heart's. I know that's going to be hard, but try to hear me out.

The major question I want to ask all those decrying the two newest cop killing's is:

What did you expect?

It's not rhetorical. I'd sincerely like someone to think about it and answer me.

Let me ask a hypothetical:

What would happen, say, if:

1) I put out job posting asking for people who want to help their communities, fight crime, and generally wield a large amount of power. While the first two of those three may be positive things, the last will certainly bring in a lot of candidates which may not have the best intentions.

2) Train the people I hire that the citizens they are to protect must obey them at all times. If citizen does not obey them, escalate violence until either A) citizen obeys, B) citizen is incapacitated, C) citizen is dead.

3) I then create a massive amount of laws to which these new hires have no choice but to follow and enforce.

4) Many of the laws I create are based on personal whim and violate individual sovereignty. (drug laws)

In short, what if I consolidated the right to use force into a group of people, gave them a different color suit and a shiny metal badge? Well, given that there entire job consists of the right to use violence, I imagine violence is going to occur--yet no one talks about this. The entire system is set up for one group of people to use violence on another but it's completely lost in the discussion. Perhaps instead of gun control for regular citizens, we should be talking about gun control for cops.

On Orlando

I cannot stand when shootings happen. 

As selfish as this is, I can't stand it because of what the living still do. Don't misunderstand me, I feel for the people killed or hurt. I'm a pacifist and Buddhist; all life is sacred in my eyes.

People die. It's what we're literally born to do. When life is cut short, and in a horrendous fashion no less, much intenser heartbreak and pain accompany it.

The living go on, though, and do we ever make fools of ourselves.

Every single time I open up Facebook there's someone new commenting on either A) their love and support of the LGBT community, B) their anger at Islam, C) their support/opposition to gun control, D) anger at white, straight males and the overall patriarchy we supposedly dominate, and  E) anger at others for being angry at any of these things.

We're on Facebook to broadcast ourselves. It allows us to play the role of actor and twenty-four entertainer that we never achieved in our professions. It allows us to tell what we're feeling, whenever we want. So, that's what we do. We take a tragedy and then we decide to make it ours. We HAVE to comment. We HAVE to give our opinions on how it affects OUR lives.

This is bad enough in itself. An outlet to selfishness never before seen in the human race.

What is worse, though, is that none of these thoughts are original. All five of those things are fed to us through a Specialized Media IV Tube. These thoughts, these PLEAS to be noticed, aren't even ours--they're someone else's that has dripped, dripped, dripped into our veins and consciousness over days and weeks, until we think we actually believe them.

I wrote down 'it's sickening' and then deleted it. It doesn't sicken me, but it does make me angry.

Turn the television off. Turn off the radio. Read something that isn't a newspaper. Stop broadcasting yourself until you have something that is yours. It need not be original; indeed, someone else has most likely thought it before. But at least it will be yours.

On Terror

I'm living my life in near constant terror right now. I'm not at a point where I can say publicly why, but it's the largest decision I've ever made, and I'm losing a lot of security with it.

Everyone craves security. It is, perhaps, the predominant biological impulse in us: safety/survival. Most of our decisions are made with that single idea in mind. This is why people stay in jobs they hate. I've never met so many miserable people as those in the workplace, going in day after day, for years and hating their company.

I think about the word legacy a lot, or at least I have been in the past couple of months. I don't say legacy in a grandiose, arrogant way--but simply, what will I be remembered for?

Climbing the corporate ladder? Powerpoint decks? Leadership in growing a corporation? 

In business, you're constantly trying to add value, which simply means making sure the word you do is beneficial to the company. During this existential crisis, I'm asking myself where I add the most value to mankind? Is it behind a computer, looking at spreadsheets, and presenting ideas to upper-level management? 

I can't say that it's a complete loss. It allows people to have jobs and customers to be happier. But, what if I was a mechanic and decided to go bake cakes instead? Sure, I'd still be producing something the world wants, but where would my value add be greatest? Where could I do the greatest good for the most people? Under the hood of a car, not wearing an apron. 

In the end, we're all dead. So what am I going to leave behind? A full bank account and a bunch of regret?